Business (Ad)Ventures

Tracey Sweetland has enjoyed a long and varied journalistic career, culminating in starting her own independent newspaper in 2014. She is now spreading her wings and pursuing other interests in her range of businesses which showcase her skills and focus on what makes her happy.


Tracey Sweetland’s new four-step programme to help ambitious and aspiring entrepreneurs break down barriers and take big strides towards success by offering coaching, guidance and hands-on support, as well as access to the Inner Circle, a mastermind group of fellow business owners.

Rant Media

Rant Media is the public relations, design and marketing agency set up as the parent company to the Spalding and South Holland Voice newspaper and offers cost-effective websites, design and social media management to small business.

Spalding & South Holland Voice

The Voice is a free and independent newspaper set up in April 2014 by Tracey Sweetland and three colleagues, Rachel, Andy and Nikki – their initials make up RANT, the parent company. More than 14,000 copies of the paper are distributed throughout the district each week.

SoSo Assistant

SoSo Assistant is a virtual solutions provider helping businesses outsource a variety of tasks including website design, social media, calendar and email management, CRM set-up and copywriting, enabling them to get on with the important stuff.

A new ‘gig’ marketplace where professionals, freelancers, tradespeople and individuals can ‘sell’ what they do to people who need their services.

SoSo Special

SoSo Special is Tracey’s foray into the retail sector and is a beautiful  online store selling a range of jewellery and gifts, reflecting Tracey’s love of shiny, sparkly things!

Whatnots & Whimsies

Whatnots & Whimsies is a sideline Tracey is involved in with her family, buying unloved and past their best items from auction and giving them a new lease of life before sending them on their way to a new forever home.


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