Business Book Club

Tracey Sweetland's pick of the best

Welcome to my Business Book Club


My Business Book Club is a collection of my  favourite business books from some of the greatest business, marketing and self-improvement experts in the world.

These include Gary Vayenerchuk, Anthony Robbins, Richard Branson, Brad Burton and Tim Ferriss.

I have read all of these books from cover to cover and have learned valuable lessons from each one.

Business Book Club – nuggets of gold

For the sake of total honesty and transparency, in case you haven’t guessed, I belong to the Amazon affiliate programme and will receive commission for each book you buy using the links on this page.

Even though that is the case, I honestly believe every single book here has a nugget of gold in its pages which have helped me – and can help you – to build my business.

Many of the books which have made it into my Business Book Club talk about what it takes to build a six or seven figure income.

For many of us, our business goals aren’t in that kind of league – but it doesn’t matter!  There are still lessons you can take away and adapt to your business and your circumstances.

Yes, you can…end of story.

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