Do you dream of starting a business? Impetus4’s mission is to support you on every step of the journey.

About Impetus4


Do you dream of starting a business? Are you already doing so but want to take the next step? Then you have come to the right place.

My name is Tracey Sweetland and I have been where you are now.

I know how lonely and daunting it is trying to get your business off the ground.

You aspire to create the life you have always dreamed of, but there are 101 other things crying out for your attention.

I dread to think how many hours I wasted and sleepless nights I spent fretting about how I could make my business a success.

In search of the answers I followed expert after expert, read book after book and signed up to countless self-improvement programmes.

But I always felt as though I was missing that one ingredient that would make the magic happen…


And that is why I started Impetus4…


My solution was to create a hub where I could share my knowledge and expertise and bring together other entrepreneurs to share theirs.

Throughout this site you will find useful and informative articles, videos, guides and infographics which feed into the four stages of the Impetus4 programme. Each step is geared towards a different stage of the entrepreneurial journey:

You are also encouraged to join the Impetus4 Inner Circle Facebook group. Here you can meet, learn from and share experiences with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

And, if you do need more hands-on support, Impetus4 offers an in-house Business Buddy service to help you set achievable and realistic goals to get you on your way.

You can also find out more about me and my journey in the personal section of this site.

Impetus4 Inner Circle

Find out more about Impetus4’s supportive Facebook Group and join to receive the support of other aspiring and successful entrepreneurs.

Tracey Sweetland

Impetus4 & Plan B Marketing

Life begins at 40 – a saying certainly true for me. This was when the threat of redundancy led myself and three colleagues to start The Spalding and South Holland Voice, an independent newspaper in my home town.

After four and a half years at the paper, I spread my wings to set up Plan B Marketing, my own marketing business offering social media management, website design, PR, graphic design and copywriting services to local businesses in Spalding and surrounding area.

With the experience of starting and growing these businesses, I am now helping other aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams with Impetus4.