This week I decided to sit down and create a Mission, Vision and Values statement for Plan B Marketing.

Before you roll your eyes and find the nearest exit, in my defence it’s part of a business training course I’m doing and has proved a very worthwhile exercise as it forced me to delve deeper into what I do and led to a bit of a revelation.

You see, I’ve set up a company called Plan B Marketing. And yet, that “marketing” word makes me a little uneasy.

I feel like an imposter. I have no formal qualifications, and yet here I am, putting myself forward as an expert in helping small businesses “market” themselves.

I compare myself to other marketing “experts” on LinkedIn and Twitter and I shudder at their talk of PPCs, KPIs, CTAs, SEO and ROI.

Although I understand the “jargon” of the marketing world, I do not feel it has much to do with what I do.

So what do I do? I sat down with pencil and notebook and tried to encapsulate it in one or two sentences for my Mission and Vision statement.

And that’s when it hit me – I KISS!

If the term marketing frightens me, the chances are it frightens small business owners even more, particularly those one-man bands. What do KPIs, SEO and ROI mean to them?

They are too busy painting houses, fixing boilers or selling candles to give two hoots.

Mention marketing and they run for the hills, saying they have neither the time or the money for such fripperies.

What they care about is finding customers to keep them busy so they can continue to pay their bills.

They need “marketing”, they are probably even doing it.

But they do not need the fancy kind of marketing that springs to mind when you think of the likes of Marks and Spencer or Coca-Cola – with the fancy budget to match.

No, they need to KISS.

They want someone to come along and offer them a simple website which will give their business a presence 24/7 on the internet.

They need a logo designed which people will recognise and associate with the great service their business provides.

They need a leaflet which will go through doors in their neighbourhood, or an advert in their local paper which will tell their potential customers what they do and how to get in touch.

They need copy writing which informs and entertains potential clients.

They need a social media presence which will help build relationships and trust in their business.

That is what I do.

I am a champion for small businesses, helping to build a thriving local economy by empowering business owners to tell their stories and shout about their successes with the aim of attracting new clients.

I do that by keeping marketing simple – easy, accessible and affordable.

That is my Mission and Vision statement.

I know my strengths and my limitations. I am not pretending to be anything I’m not. I do not make promises I cannot keep. But I am always learning and improving.

I am honest, approachable, flexible and I do promise to go above and beyond to bring value and exceptional service to my customers. I believe these are the values people truly appreciate.

They don’t want the sales BS, the big promises and the fancy talk. They want to work with someone who speaks their language, knows their challenges and can advise on solutions – and then deliver!

That is who I aim to be. And now I have my Mission and Vision statement down in black and white, I can start working on “marketing” Plan B Marketing – for what it really is.

If your business wants help with some straight-talking KISS marketing, give me a call on 07595 036454, or contact me for an informal chat.