Master Your Marketing Program

Create a simple 12-week marketing plan to grow your small business.

Learn how to promote your brand, attract more customers, sell more and make more money – all in less than two hours and for just £29!

Become the master of your own small business marketing

The course that helps you get to know your business, hone your marketing messages, identify your ideal clients, focus on which marketing tools and platforms will work for you and draw up an actionable 12-week plan to get the word out there about how great your products or services are!


You need this course if…

You are just starting out

If you at the start up stage of your business, one of your biggest challenges will be letting potential customers know you exist and what you do.


You've been muddling along

When you run a business there is so much that demands your attention that marketing can get pushed down the priority list and doesn’t get done.

You are 'hit and miss'

You already appreciate the value of marketing your business but don’t really know what where you should be focusing your efforts to achieve maxiumum impact. 

You want more customers

Even long-established businesses who have been around the marketing block can benefit from a proper plan to achieve consistent results.

Yes, by the time you’ve finished this programme (which will only take up a couple of hours of your precious time!) you’ll have a week-by-week action plan to successfully market your business and drive sales (meaning more money!!!)

What You’ll Learn…

This is not a ‘done-for-you marketing plan.

Through this programme you’ll learn how to evaluate your own business, identify your strengths and USP to hone your marketing message, identify your audience and choose the right tools and tactics to achieve your marketing goals.

The course includes:

  • An introduction video: to properly introduce the content and get you comfortable with what you are going to be learning in the rest of the programme.
  • Seven workshops: guiding you through the process and telling you everything you need to know to create your 12-week marketing plan.
  • Comprehensive workbook: Follow along and fill out your workbook as you go through the programme – the end result is your own easy-to-implement marketing plan.

Once you have completed your first 12-week marketing plan, simply rinse and repeat, incorporating the lessons you have learned about what works and what doesn’t to continue growing and making your business even more successful.


Surely that’s an investment worth making?

Meet your Teacher

Hi, I’m Tracey,

If anyone knows how hard it is to juggle all the balls as a small business owner, I do.

I have been a small business owner since 2014 when, after a 20+ years’ career as a journalist, I teamed up with three colleagues to launch an independent newspaper in my home town.

As part of that endeavour I launched a marketing company to help our advertisers use other marketing methods and platforms to promote their businesses.

In 2018 I left to start my own marketing company, Red Shoes Media & Marketing, which I still run.

Since 2014, I have helped scores of small businesses use the power of websites, print and social media to reach new audiences and target new customers.

In this course I break down the process of creating a simple plan for the next 12 weeks into just seven simple steps, which you can digest and implement in just one afternoon.

It is the process I have used over and over again for my marketing clients, so if you are serious about promoting and growing your business, this course is for you.

Push the button and let’s get going and growing!

What’s inside

Breaking down the content…


Get comfortable with the content as we explore what marketing is and why it’s crucial to your business success.

Module 1: Your Business

Here we delve into your business and get clear on what it is you are marketing and what is and isn’t working for you right now.

Module 2: Your Clients

For marketing to be successful you need to know who you are selling to so this module helps identify your ideal client.

Module 3: Set Your Goals

Take a deep dive into what you want to achieve with your marketing so you know what you are aiming for.

Module 4: Choose Your Tactics

In this section we look at some of the different marketing methods, tools and platforms available to you and the pros and cons of each.

Module 5: Know Your Limits

Make sure your marketing plan is realistic and achievable by exploring your budget, available time and your own skills and knowledge.

Module 6: Create Your Plan

It’s time to bring together all the previous lessons into creating your very own 12-week plan which is tailored to you and your business.

Module 7: Review, Rinse, Repeat

Learn how to take the lessons from your 12-week strategy to create even more success with this “rinse and repeat” formula.