Mastermind Groups

Meet regularly with other business owners to share your struggles, successes and winning ideas.

What I Offer

Tracey Sweetland Mastermind Groups bring together like-minded business people to support and mentor each other and hold each other accountable.

Each group has a maximum of six people and monthly sessions can be held in person or online using Zoom.

Mastermind groups meet for six three-hour sessions in all.

At each session, three members are invited to put forward challenges they are facing and receive the feedback and advice from their colleagues and suggestions for actions to be taken.

Progress on these actions will be discussed at the next meeting.

Members of all Mastermind groups have access to a closed Facebook group to continue interacting with their peers outside of the sessions.

The Nuts and Bolts

You will benefit from a Mastermind group if…

You are facing a challenge which you need help with

Your business is stagnating and you need inspiration

You've tried everything and you've hit a brick wall

You need some impartial advice

You want to talk about your business without judgement

You want to learn from other business owners and share your experience

You want to build meaningful relationships, share connections and referrals

You want to work on rather than just in your business

Join a Mastermind


Mastermind groups will go ahead when enough people have expressed an interest in joining one and a suitable regular time slot can be agreed when all participants are available for at least two hours.

If you would like to join a mastermind group, please fill in the form with your details and when you are available.

Please also indicate whether you are based in the Spalding, Peterborough or Boston areas and would be interested in an online or face-to-face mastermind group.

Which days are you available?

What is your preferred time?

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