Impetus4: Step 1


Personal Development

Personal Development

The first part of the Impetus4 programme is setting yourself up for success – creating the right mindset, overcoming the mental barriers that stand in your way and setting SMART goals to put you on the path to reaching your dreams.

Having the right mindset is one of the most crucial building blocks of reaching your goals and making a success of any venture.

If you have a dream of starting or growing your own business, you first need to look at the aspects of yourself and your own attitude and mentality that may be standing in the way.

Why is it important to have the right mindset?

Your mindset is the way you perceive life and the things that happen to you.

Are you a glass half full or glass half empty type of person? Do you believe you are a victim of circumstances beyond your control?

If you have a negative mindset you may be robbing yourself of the power to control the perceived negative aspects of your life. Your self-limiting beliefs may be standing in the way of your business success – not to mention your personal happiness.

Impetus4 has a variety of resources that take a closer look at some of the problems you may be encountering, such as a lack of confidence or imposter syndrome, and offers you ways of overcoming them.

Do you know your ‘why’?

As well as achieving the right mindset and breaking through your mental barriers to success, it is important that you become crystal clear on your “why”?

What drives you to get out of bed in the morning? How does your ideal life look and how will your own business help you achieve that dream? Can you identify your core values and what value you give to others?

Step 1 of Impetus4 is also about focusing on what it is you really, really want.

You might say that the reason you want to build a successful business is that you want a seven-figure bank balance. Obviously having that kind of money would be nice – but why? What would having that money enable you to do?

If you would like help to drill down into the real reasons that drive you to success, take a look at the Impetus4 Resource Centre, or find out more about Impetus4’s mentoring sessions.

Business Resource Centre

Delve into the Business Resource Centre and find guides, checklists, templates and videos which can help you focus on achieving the right mindset and discovering your ‘why?’.

Are you taking steps in the right direction?

The final part of creating the right foundations for your success is setting goals.

By having a clear destination you can begin to break the journey to get there down into smaller steps.

Each of these small steps needs to be achievable, realistic and have a deadline or time limit in which it can be achieved.

By doing this consistently – and constantly reviewing your progress – you can be confident you are heading in the right direction and taking the most direct path to where you want to be.

Impetus4 can mentor you to set your goals, and make you answerable to them, or you can dig into the Resource Centre to carve your own way.

Don’t forget, there is always help at hand from other women in the same boat as you in the Impetus4 Inner Circle Facebook Group.

Inner Circle Business Network

Find out more about Impetus4’s supportive Facebook Group and join to receive the support of other aspiring and successful entrepreneurs.

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