I can’t believe Plan B Marketing is two months old this week. Time is flying by – probably because I’m so busy.

I was fortunate when I started out that I brought with me my old clients and some ongoing projects from my previous position. Some of those projects are now completed, such as the beautiful glossy magazine I was working on for Ashwood Homes and the website for Applegate Homes. I believe the customers are happy with the finished product and will come back again when they have other projects I can help with.

I have also been busy with ongoing marketing support for Amici Restaurant and the South Holland Industrial Heritage project and have picked up a few other one-off design jobs along the way.

Some of these are from new clients who I haven’t worked with before. These have mostly come about as a result of firing off introductory emails and calls to everyone I can think of who may be interested in what I have to offer.

Client win #1

One such email sent in my very first week landed me with a major win, which has now come to fruition – a one-day-a-week arrangement with South Holland District Council, helping its communications team.

This will be my third week and I’m starting to find my feet. I’ve even got an identity card and an official email address!

However, it’s a steep learning curve, and I’ve still only just started scratching the surface in my understanding of all the internal processes involved in everything the council does.

I’m hoping when the time comes, the actual “communication” aspect of dealing with the local newspapers will come a lot more naturally to me. I know where I am and what I’m doing when it comes to talking to journalists!

Client win #2

My second big win actually came to me without any outgoing marketing. It’s often who you know, not what you know.

A former colleague put my name forward to Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service as someone who might be able to help when she moved on to a new position. As a result of the recommendation, I am now working around 45 hours a month for the organisation as its communications lead.

It’s another huge learning curve as LCVS is involved with so many individual projects and has so many facets to what it does. My head is spinning trying to bring it all together in a joined-up communications and marketing strategy.

Fortunately, all the people I have met so far are amazing and have made me feel so welcome.

Again, despite it being outside my comfort zone is so many ways, I am embracing the challenge and have the first meeting of a new marketing task and finish group arranged for next week.

These two exciting projects are a nice solid base on which I can continue to build Plan B in the coming months and will add more skills and experience to my repertoire which I am sure will help me in my future work.