A commitment from consumers to support small local businesses is essential to ensure they continue to “survive and thrive” in a time of huge challenges to retailers.

In the run up to Small Business Saturday UK this weekend, shoppers are being urged to show their loyalty to small businesses in Spalding and South Holland to ensure the area continues to flourish.

David Norton, vice president of the Spalding and District Area Chamber, said: “Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to celebrate and support all things local in our market town communities.

“Here in Spalding and in the rest of South Holland we are incredibly lucky to have such a range of quality small businesses to choose from”

Small businesses are majority of local enterprise

More than 3,000 small businesses of less than ten employees exist in South Holland, making up the majority of enterprises in the district.

These include small independent retailers, which give the high streets of South Holland’s towns and villages their unique character, as well as hundreds of service-based businesses such as decorators, electricians, plumbers, graphic designers and book-keepers.

Mr Norton said all of the area’s businesses collaborate and support each other, adding: “Events like Small Business Saturday are important reminders that without the continued local and loyal customer support some of these would have not been able to survive the current challenges all retailers are experiencing in towns and villages across the country.

Small businesses are facing challenges

“Keeping window displays refreshed, stocking a distinct and desirable product range and providing excellent customer service all help to ensure these businesses continue to ‘survive and thrive’.”

Small Business Saturday UK is an annual event, held on the first Saturday of December, which encourages consumers to support small businesses in their community, highlighting the good value, convenience and personal service they offer.

It aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses, not only through Small Business Saturday events and publicity, but by offering advice and support to help business owners maximise their potential.

To find out more go to www.smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com