Micro business mentor

by your side to build a better, stronger, more visible business

Because two heads are better than one…


I’m Tracey Sweetland and I want to help you build a business that works for you.

Having me as your business bestie is like having all the good bits of a business partner or board of directors (brainstorming, goal setting, problem solving and decision making) – without giving up control of your business.

It’s true what they say about two heads being better than one, so if you are a micro business owner who needs a helping hand – or a good, honest boot up the backside – let’s put our heads together and find a way for you to grow and succeed.


Struggling to know all the answers to running a small business? The Business Connection is a club just for you – small business owners who want to find their tribe and tap into the collective mind for all the help and support you need to succeed and grow.

Struggling to grow your brand, your visibility and your business because potential customers don’t know you exist? Red Shoes is my my own marketing agency providing a variety of services including website design, graphic design and PR.

Struggling to find the exact steps you need to take to reach a specific goal? The Learning Collection is a growing resource of short courses, how-tos and templates to guide you to business success and growth.


I’m Tracey Sweetland

I’m not a guru and I certainly don’t have all the answers but I certainly know a bit about the struggles of running a small business.

I know that it’s impossible to know everything you need to know to run a successful small business on your own.

That’s why I’m on a mission to connect small business owners with the people, services and skills they need to grow and succeed.

You are not alone … I know what it’s like running a business and I am here to help

Starting and running your own a business can be like a circus act. As a business owner you spend your time trying to keep all the balls in the air and the plates spinning.

But even if you are a one-man (or woman, obviously!) band, there is no need to go it alone.

Talk to me today about how I can help.