Towards the end of December 2016 I had a professional epiphany. This big revelation relating to my career was that I wasn’t doing enough. I hadn’t yet “made it” in my own mind.

I already had two successful businesses under my belt, but it wasn’t enough to make me jump out of bed each morning yelling “Bring It On!”.

For almost three years, I had been concentrating all my “juice” on building and growing the independent newspaper I started with three colleagues which was born out of the threat of redundancy. In that time we also branched out and started a design and marketing agency, which made use of all my graphic design, writing, website design and social media skills.

I loved what I was doing – but I wasn’t getting that same buzz out of it as I did in the early days when we were flying by the seat of our pants and literally making it up as we went along.

Starting up a business should be exciting and if you are lucky enough to do it, the chances are you are passionate about what you do.

I still loved the writing, designing, website creation and social media management of my “day job”, but it wasn’t filling all those corners of my being.

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New Year, New Me

So, there I was, facing the start of a new year, with all the new start opportunities that appears to bring, knowing I wanted to do more … and I set about creating websites like crazy for businesses that I was going to bring to life and make a huge success of.

I set up an ecommerce jewellery shop using a dropship model which I spent hours researching, I created a virtual assistant site where I set my prices for helping business owners who wanted to outsource tasks such as social media management. I set up a “gig” marketplace website where freelancers and your “average joe” could sell their skills – everything from baking a cake to building a wall. I even completed training courses with a view to becoming a business coach.

All appealed to me on different levels and I spent the next six months honing these websites, jumping from one to the next, rewriting the blurb, changing my mind about the best business model for each and even the services and products I would offer.

None ever seemed to be quite right or “ready”.

Back to the Drawing Board

So finally, in desperation, I went back to the drawing board – commonly known as the battered notebook that I go nowhere without – and started making even more notes.

And finally it occurred to me what the problem was … I had all these ideas of what I could do, but I hadn’t asked the question of “why” I wanted to do any of it, let alone answered that question.

When I did, it became apparent that I felt lucky to be where I was. After facing redundancy at the end of 2013, myself and three colleagues had the idea of setting up an independent newspaper. We were lucky enough to secure the financial backing and expert help and support of a successful businessman.

He saw us through many of those rollercoaster ups and downs – shared our excitement at securing new advertisers or making new deals and guided us through the choppy waters when we ran low on money.

As I asked myself more questions about what it was I love about my new life and what I want to achieve, it became clearer still that I love the excitement of growing a new business and I want to share what I had learned with other women. I want other women to be as “lucky” as me – to have the same level of support and guidance and to feel the joy of seeing a dream become reality.

I want to share in the joy of seeing other women’s businesses ideas take shape and grow a life of their own.

I want to hold these women’s hands and lead them every step of the way down the path to achieving those dreams. I want to support them to identify what it is that makes them happy – their “why” – empower them to break down the barriers in their way, and inspire them to dream big and set their goals.

I want to offer coaching and mentoring and use my professional skills of writing and marketing to provide these women with easily accessible, affordable and actionable advice and services.

I want to see them succeed, knowing I played a small part in that success.

Finding My ‘Why?’

It seems my “why” is because I want to empower other women to find their “why”.

And now I know, I can move forward with laser-sharp focus to make it happen. I can set my goals, break down the barriers and do all those other things I want to help other women do, offering advice to them based firmly on experience.